Monday, 5 November 2012

Free Girl vs Monster Clothes

How To Get These Items :

If Live/Are On USA , Just Log In And They Are In Your Suite :D

1) If Not , Go To A US Proxy Site Like

2) Then On The Blank Bar In The Proxy Site , Paste The Stardoll Link : 

3) Click Go/Surf 

4) Log Into Stardoll And Wait Until The Page


5) Done Already ! Now Leave The Proxy And 

Log Into Stardoll Normally , And It Will Be In Your Suite* !

* It May Take A While To Come Through !

A Splendid New Release !

Splendid Have Released A New Range Of Accessories , I Think The Theme* Is , Well , You Could Probably Figure That Out !

*It Is Sea Creatures And Peacocks :D

New HotBuys Bag ......... But Do We Like It ?

Hey ........ Yet Again . A New HotBuys Bag ....... I'm Not Quite Keen On It Especially The Price ! 16 Stardollars ! I  Know I Know People Would Buy It If They Liked It But That Is U-G-L-Y ! Don't Yuu Think ??!!

Please Don't Get Offended With This Post , It Is Just An Opinion ..... :D Luvv Yuu Guyss ! Byee X

Vote For Stardoll !

Hey Guys Me Again ! Just Wanna Tell You About Stardoll Being Nominated For Best Website On Bafta Kids' Vote Where You Get To Vote ! Just Click On This Link :

Sunday, 4 November 2012

New Archive Range !!

Archive Have Got A New Range ( 50% OFF AT THE MOMENT ! ) Out With Some Popular Clothes From When They Were In The 'Actual Shops'. Here Is The New Range :

The Two Popular 'Tops' Are The First Two On The Top Rail ( The Babydoll Tunic And The Brown Silk Cardigan )

But What I Find Kinda Strange Is This Skirt Which Was In 'It Girl' Which Was 1 Stardollar , And Now Its On Sale Its 2 Stardollars ? How Does That Work ??!!

 Weird ! Speak Later ! Love Yuu Guys ! 

New Hot Buys Range

This Is The New Hot Buy Range Including :

Hot Buys Faux Fur Coat (The Left Side)

Hot Buys Diamond Print Frock ( Blue )

Hot Buys Cluster Necklace

Hot Buys Diamond Bandeau Dress ( Bottom )

Hot Buys Mixed Print Jeans

HotBuys Applique Top


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